Fire Protection Systems
PHOENIX advances fire safety and security by finding smarter ways to save lives and protect people with our integrated, customized fire fighting systems and safety solutions.
Fire Protection Systems

Offering Advanced Safety

Phoenix International WLL is committed to provide customized fire fighting systems and safety solutions by using variety of products like Fire extinguisher, Fire Hoses and Reel, Fire Pumps, Fire doors, Fire hydrants, etc.

We combine our deep knowledge of fire science and activities with an understanding of codes and regulations to develop fire safety systems that help protect a wide variety of environments.

Range of Fire Fighting Products

Comprehensive fire safety solutions that protect people where they live and work. From detection and prevention to control and extinguishing, our products are trusted worldwide for their quality, reliability, and innovation. Hoses, foam concentrates, fixed and mobile systems that deliver extinguishing agents to fight fires effectively and efficiently.

We offer the below fire fighting equipment and solutions
  • Extinguishers: Portable and wheeled extinguishers
  • Fire Hose: A complete range of fire hoses
  • Water Delivery Hose: High-volume large diameter hose and associated deployment equipment
  • Portable Pumps: For firefighting and flood relied operations
  • Building Protection: Rising mains systems, hose reels and fire equipment cabinets
  • Sprinklers and Valves
  • Foam Concentrates: Environmentally responsible foam concentrates
  • Foam Equipment: Foam proportioning and delivery devices for portable, mobile and fixed applications
  • Monitors: Portable, mobile and fixed monitors

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