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Business Philosophy
The ultimate expression of policy lies in how we carry out our business. Our general business policy focuses on six areas: Ethical Conduct, Customer Relationships, Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Concerns. What we state here is not only an aspiration, but also a determination.
Business Philosophy

The policy document describes what Industry can expect from the Company. We believe that wherever we operate, our activities should be cost effective, conduct should be a source of positive influence, relationships should be transparent and our actions should be accountable.

We are committed to:

  • Respect the rule of law; conduct our business with integrity, and show respect for human dignity and the rights of the individual wherever we do business.
  • Develop employment practices that create a stimulating working environment in which diversity is valued.
  • Create mutual advantage in all our relationships so that people will trust us and want to do business with us.
  • Demonstrate respect for the natural environment and work towards our goals of no accidents, no harm to people and no damages to the environment.
  • Manage our financial performance to maximize long-term benefits to our share holders and employees.

In our actions and our dealings with others, we will:

  • Respect the rule of law.
  • Promise only what we expect to deliver, only make commitments we intend to keep, not knowingly mislead others and not participate in or condone corrupt or unacceptable business practices.
  • Meet our obligations and commitments, treat people according to merit and contribution, refrain from coercion and never deliberately do harm to anyone.
  • Act in good faith, use company assets only for furthering company business and should not seek personal gain through abuse of position.

We will work to build long term relationships founded upon:

  • High Performance Standards
  • Commitment to Deliveries
  • Transparency & Flexibility
  • Learning from others
  • Mutual Interdependence
  • Sharing Success

Commit what you can do! & Do what you commit!

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